Hello, I'm Patrick.

I build things for the web.

I am based in Austria and love to work with frontend technologies such as Vue.js and React. My journey started with a silly high school project that turned into hours of teaching myself JavaScript, studying computer science, and gaining experience in the industry.

I have worked for two companies within the Top 3 Austrian startups of 2019 and 2020, respectively. I am currently working remotely as a frontend developer. Apart from that, I might make (somewhat) rhythmic noises playing drums.

Blog posts

Arrow Functions: Beyond the Shorter Syntax

ES6 Arrow functions are often favored because of their shorter syntax, especially when passed as anonymous callbacks. Here are some other details that differentiate them from functions defined with the function keyword.



Writing a custom linter in Go

Go, Gin, Linter, React, React Router, MongoDB

Implementing a custom linter in Go as my bachelor thesis project. Uses Go, Gin-Gonic, React and MongoDB to calculate, store and display results.


Pacman game

HTML, JavaScript, WebGL, Computer Graphics

As one of six exercises, I had to implement a Pacman clone using WebGL for my Foundations of Computer Graphics course.